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Reebok Zigtech

We recently completed the design and animation for Reebok's online Zigtech campaign. We created a product showcase, that demonstrates the five major features and benefits of the new Zigtech shoe, which are Energy Boost, Lightweight, Flexible, Stable, Less Wear and Tear, and a 360-degree solution.

Everything we did on this project was in CG. The shoe was entirely created in 3D, as were the athletes wearing them and we used motion-capture to produce the natural running animations.








Studio: METAphrenie

Client: Reebok

MyRole: Creative Director, CG-Supervisor, 3D Lead, Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Camera, Lighting, Animation

Tools: Autodesk Maya - Adobe After - Effects - Adobe Photoshop - Final Cut

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  • Amr_FinalCut_Logo.jpg

Reebok Zigtech - Director's Cut

Reebok Zigtech Frames

2010 Reebok Zigtech Internet Campaign.jpg
2010 Reebok Zigtech Internet Campaign 02.jpg
2010 Reebok Zigtech Internet Campaign 03.jpg
2010 Reebok Zigtech Internet Campaign 04.jpg
2010 Reebok Easter Chocolate test for fun.jpg
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