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Otv | Channel Branding

Monster Fur Ball

2D Traditional animation done with Wacom on photoshop with some help of Time Sheet for timing and testing.

Id#02 Belly Dancer:



Studio:  Otv Channel

MyRole: Animation TD, Camera, KeyFrame, Compositing

Tools: Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After Effects - Compustion - Boujou - Final Cut

  • Amr_Ps_Logo.jpg
  • Corel-Painter-X3-X4-X5-icon-logo.jpg
  • Amr_AE_Logo.jpg
  • Amr_FinalCut_Logo.jpg

Id#03 Microbus:

Id#04 Shesha:

Otv | Channel Branding - Frames

Otv Belly Dancer TvBranding PAL.jpg
Otv Monster TvBranding PAL.jpg
Otv Microbus TvBranding PAL.jpg
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