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OSN HD -  Idents

We recently designed and produced a set of Idents for OSN’s high-definition platform.

The Idents were created to communicate the new merger between Orbit Communications and Showtime Arabia in the Middle East and the resulting name change to OSN (Orbit Showtime Network).



Studio: METAphrenie

Client: OSN network

MyRole: Art Director, Project Manager, 3D Lead, Camera, Texturing, Lighting, Animation


Tools: Autodesk Maya - Adobe After - Effects - Adobe Photoshop - Final Cut

  • Amr_Ps_Logo.jpg
  • Amr_Maya_Logo.jpg
  • Amr_AE_Logo.jpg
  • Amr_FinalCut_Logo.jpg
OSN Making

OSN Animation Test - Making

OSN HD - Frames

OSN HD 2010 01.jpg
OSN HD 2010 02.jpg
OSN HD 2010 03.jpg
OSN HD 2010 04.jpg
OSN HD 2010 05.jpg
OSN HD 2010 06.jpg
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