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ALKASS | OLYMPICS 2012 - Football HD

That was really challenging fun project, since the agency and client didn't support us with Wenlock character portfolio or model sheet, I had to do my own research and surf on internet looking for any design or model could help, I had to model the character from scratch.


But the end result was magnificent for me and client. they said it's better than the original animation that has been done in UK.


Thanks for great support.



Wenlock Render Test HD



Studio: METAphrenie

Client: ALKASS

MyRole: Creative Director, Modeling, Rigging, Texture, Animation TD, Camera, Compositing

Tools: Autodesk Maya - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After Effects - Final Cut

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Wenlock Olympics 2012 Making

Wenlock Olympics 2012 Frames

Olympics 2012 01 HD.jpg
Olympics 2012 02 HD.jpg
Olympics 2012 03 HD.jpg
Olympics 2012 04 HD.jpg
Olympics 2012 05 HD.jpg
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