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History | Gettysburg Trailer

History | Gettysburg Making

Collaborating with History Channel we delivered a new promo and open for the high profile Memorial Day movie event “Gettysburg”. The two-hour special Executive Produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott presents the engagement in a new light, imbuing the stories of eight soldiers with the terrifying experience of war

Inspired by the tone of the show, we created a poignant promo fueled by the heat of war. The one minute spot was one of the main components of a cross-platform campaign for the event with placement on-air, in theaters, and as part of the digital & social media campaign. In addition, the logo animation could be seen on huge monitors in New York's Bryant Park within an outdoor interactive experience. We also delivered the opening sequence for the movie, which is narrated by Sam Rockwell. See it here: History | Gettysburg Main Titles


Winner of three GOLD 2012 Promax/BDA Awards: Best Cinema Promo, Best Editing and Best Sound Design.




Studio: METAphrenie

Client: History Channel

MyRole: 3D & Lead, Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Camera, Lighting, Animation

Tools: Autodesk Maya - Adobe After - Effects - Adobe Photoshop - Final Cut

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Gettsburg Making

Rocks Effect Dynamics

Rocks Effect Making

History | Gettysburg Frames

History Gettysburg 01.jpg
History Gettysburg 02.jpg
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