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Butterfly Lights HD

Magic Butterfly disturbed by lights effect and transformed into our company logo,

lots of study and development in this project, too many challenge to create realistic and believable butterfly with 3 wings, I love the transformation shot.


This is a personal experimentation project, I been working on this idea for one month,

starting from concept design and ends by final render.






Studio: METAphrenie

Client: Personal Project

MyRole: Animation Director,

Modeling, Rigging, Texture, Animation TD, Camera, Compositing

Tools: Autodesk Maya - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe After Effects - Final Cut

  • Amr_Ps_Logo.jpg
  • Amr_Maya_Logo.jpg
  • Amr_AE_Logo.jpg
  • Amr_FinalCut_Logo.jpg

Butterfly Lights Making HD

2009 Butterfly Realistic Test Long Amr.jpg
2009 Buterfly Realistic Test Open2a.jpg
2009 Buterfly Realistic Test Open1a.jpg
2009 Buterfly Realistic Test Close Amr.jpg

Butterfly Lights Making HD

Butterfly Lights Animation

Butterfly Lights Frames

Butterfly Lights 01.jpg
Butterfly Lights 02.jpg
Butterfly Lights 03.jpg
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